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California and Tribal Partners Secure Critical Water Supply to Support Native American Farmers

California and Tribal Partners Secure Critical Water Supply to Support Native American Farmers
Published: Jun 11, 2024
DWR staff and members of the Santa Rosa Rancheria Tachi Yokut Tribe commemorate the water transfer agreement.
State Expedites Water Transfers to Meet Both Long- and Short-Term Needs

It just keeps on going on

There is probably no one writing in English better situated, after years studying the pipelines of Central Asia from his base in Hong Kong, than Pepe Escobar, to report on the rise of multi-polar opposition to hegemony, in large part due to American denial that the most important story in the world is happening at all. -- blj

Unz Reader (originally in Strategic Culture Foundation)
Russia and China Have Had Enough
Both have had enough of being “polite”. You want confrontation? Confrontation is what you’re gonna get.

California-budget lunacy per usual, brilliantly described

Newsom finally aligns with Legislature’s gloomier budget outlook, blaming ‘massive volatility’
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When Gov. Gavin Newsom proposed a 2024-25 state budget in January, he declared that the state faced a $38 billion deficit and chided journalists for citing wider projections in the gap between income and outgo from the Legislature’s budget analyst.


Israel has turned into nothing but a genocidal real estate deal.

Excellent article on California forests and fire



Fire, other ravages jeopardize California’s prized forests
Forest in California may be disappearing

ByBRIAN MELLEY Associated Press

KYBURZ, Calif. -- On a steep mountainside where walls of flames torched the forest on their way toward Lake Tahoe in 2021, blackened trees stand in silhouette against a gray sky.

Will Rogers on Owens Valley, 1932


"Ten years ago this was a wonderful valley with one-quarter of a million acres of fruit and alfalfa. But Los Angeles had to have more water for the Chamber of Commerce to drink more toasts to its growth, more water to dilute its orange juice and more water for its geraniums to delight the tourists, while the giant cottonwoods here died. So now this is a valley of desolation."