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You bet that's a "huge injustice"...

When will the time come when export-led irrigated agribusiness will be held accountable for the social and environmental damage it has done to California? When Forbes Magazine, not known for the warmth of its editorial heart, begins to chat about environmental injustice in the Central Valley, anything is possible. -- wmh



And the winners are ...

In case you thought the Ukraine War was completely insane, here are the top 20 weapons manufacturers n the world and they are turning the conflict in Ukraiane into their own private, neoliberal 30 Years War, -- wmh

Hartmann: The collapse of neoliberalism


The Hartmann Report

What Will the Collapse of Neoliberalism Bring to America & Russia?
As the world watches its 40-year experiment with neoliberalism collapse, Republicans in the US and Putin in Russia are facing a crisis they once thought would be an opportunity

Thom Hartmann


And a binary good evening to you, too

“The main danger that arises from machine intelligence,” according to according to philosopher Byung-Chul Han,  “is that human thinking will adapt to it and itself become mechanical.” One of the characteristics of information generated by computers is that it is data and only data. It can be added to, theoretically ad infinitum, but the machine does not understand or provide the means of understanding the data it generates.

Liberate Europe from low Russian natural gas prices!

Finally, at least for the spotty reading of Badlands, a reasonable, plausible explanation for EU and NATO madness about Russia arrives.  Of course, we are in the realm of Tragedy Time now, where things ring true but always too late except as a warning for future generations, assuming, of course ...Once again, we applaud F. William Engdahl for another act of profound responsibility. -- blj



New Eastern Outlook
Europe’s Energy Armageddon From Berlin and Brussels, Not Moscow
: F. William Engdahl

Knucklehead hope skewered from the grave

Of all the sentimental errors which reign and rage in this incomparable republic, the worst, I often suspect, is that which confuses the function of criticism, whether aesthetic, political or social, with the function of reform. Almost invariably it takes the form of a protest: “The fellow condemns without offering anything better. Why tear down without building up.” So coo and snivel the sweet ones; so wags the national tongue. The messianic delusion becomes a sort of universal murrain.