Stuffed shirts and fearful hearts

They will not say that they are afraid. We all want to think that we always stand up for right and fight against wrong. But history does not look kindly on politicians who cannot fathom a fate worse than losing an upcoming election. They might claim fealty to their cause — those tax cuts — but often it’s a simple attachment to power that keeps them captured by fear. – Sherrod Brown, OpEd


The Salt Lake Tribune

Roman rhymes

This article about the President and the Senate from a professor of classics is, as they say, as serious as a heart attack. Having just watched as much as I could stand of Trump’s triumphant belittling of all the characterless men and women in the Republican Party gathered under his shadow the day after the Senate granted him effective immunity, I was glad to be steered toward a classicist’s take on the situation.

There's one less Republican on our block today

Yesterday, a 65-year-old neighbor, recently retired and a lifelong Republican, got on his computer and reregistered as a Democrat.

The House Democrats may or may not persuade the Trump Cult to abandon The Leader, but we bet a lot of Americans don't see a lot of future for their democracy at the hands of an oligarchy of billionaires.


Zombie Tribune techno flak in the hometown rag

What is this comely young Wellesley-grad/ Koch-Industries stooge doing in our hometown newspaper on Jan. 5, 2020? Who is the managing editor of the Merced Sun-Star? Well, folks, our hometown newspaper doesn’t have a managing editor. Who knows, maybe some machine decided to include this technofascist’s New Year’s greeting.

The New Frontier in Merced


Watching the Merced City Council’s first meeting of the year in 2020, we were bemused by the humorless, lengthy and, frankly, silly discussion about “quiet zones” along the BNSF railroad line through the northern part of Central Merced. They already have an underpass on G Street. But now they want more. Railroads are so loud, you know, that they disturb the tranquility of urban life. Oh, chicken feathers!

Boyarsky explores with LA laborers the downside of Medicare for All

Should the Democratic Party nominee for president advocate for taking union health benefits away from working people, a move which, incidentally, appears to let public and private corporations with union contracts off the hook for paying union health benefits?

“I don’t have a problem with” Medicare for All, said Rascon, “providing our plans are left alone. Our plans have been going for decades. They do not cost the taxpayer a dollar.”

House Republicans' "water-reform" bill

“Reform,” in Rightwingspeak means eliminating public influence on decisions about water in Western states, which, contrary to California Rep. Tom McClintock’s assertion, is scarce, not abundant. Decisions about how water is to be used or left alone require more, not less, public commentary, particularly from groups or individuals arguing on behalf of the environment. HR 6217 seeks to “streamline” water contracts, transfers and other manipulations.

Which way is Costa going to jump?

Editor's update, 9:26 p.m. -- Rep. Jim Costa said on the floor of the House of Representatives today that he had listened to him constituents and that he had decided to vote for the impeachment of Trump. At the end of his short speech, he made one of the better points made all day: he, Rep. Costa had taken the oath of his office and the president had taken his oath; to live up to his oath, Costa said, he'd have to vote for impeachment because Trump had not lived up to his oath.

Thanks, Congressman Costa


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