July 2023

"...To the Last Ukrainian"


"…To the Last Ukrainian"
By Ellen Taylor
Beat, but bivouacked, tonight
The newsflash tells us once again
America will make us fight
To the last Ukrainian.

We light our Lucky Strikes, and joke
And chew on this philosophy
And argue who, through rings of smoke,
This last Ukrainian will be. 

Basil says it won’t be him
For, through his nightmares, shells, and soot,
Comes fatal Baba Yaga, grim
Upon her tub and chicken foot.

On the skills slaves brought from Africa

Reading Juan Cole is good for the soul. --blj

Dear Ron DeSantis: Consider all the Valuable Skills the Enslaved Taught Cracker Slave-Holders (For Which they were never Paid)
Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) – The new Florida history curriculum on slavery says that some enslaved persons learned skills while enslaved that later benefited them, provoking shock and outrage across the nation.