Virus notes: June 26, 2020 -- Public enemies

MERCED (BLJ) June 26, 2020 --Merced County Public Health Department this afternoon reported 824 cases of Covid-19 (83 new in two  days) and 11 deaths (3 new).

California reported 200,461 cases (4,890 new) and 5,112 deaths (79 new).

Texas reported 137,624 cases (5,707 new) and 2,324 deaths (24 new).

Florida reported 122,960 cases (8,942 new) and 3,366 deaths (39 new).

The United States reported 2,511,453 cases (46,326 new) and 126,924 deaths (706 new).

Mexico reported 208,392 cases (5,441 new) and 25,779 deaths (719 new).


Virus notes: June 24, 2020

MERCED (BLJ) – On June 24, the Merced County Public Health Department reported 741 cases of coronavirus (179 new since June 19) and 10 deaths (2 new).

California reported 190,222 cases (7,149 new) and 5,632 deaths (57 new).

The United States reported 2,425,975 cases (34,649 new) and 123,730 deaths (745 new).

The global count for the day is 9,394,558 cases (240,326 new) and 481,078 deaths (7,428 new).



Virus notes: June 19, 2020

MERCED (BLJ) – Merced County Public Health Department on June 19 reported 562 cases (44 new) and 8 deaths.

California reported 165,416 cases (4,317 new) and 5,360 deaths (70 new).

United States reported 2,263,770 cases (29,722 new) and 120,866 deaths (665 new).

The global report for the day was 8,546,919 cases (93,839 new) and 456,726 deaths (4,206 new).


Virus notes: June 17, 2020 -- Spike in Merced

MERCED (BLJ) – Merced County Public Health Department on June 17 reported 518 cases and eight deaths (and increase of one). Merced no longer reports the number of new cases – just another example of the omnipresent flak or PR or “public informationing” endemic to American government from the lowest to highest levels. It is an increase of 109 cases in four days, possibly as many as 73 between June 16 and June 17.


The water war of all against all in the south San Joaquin Valley




Central Valley water districts take aim at each other’s groundwater plans

June 8, 2020  •  by Lois Henry


There is no tougher playground than California’s water world.


Virus notes: June 13, 2020: Seattle vs. NYC

MERCED (BLJ) – Merced County Public Health Department on June 13 reported 409 (18 new) cases and seven deaths.

California reported 145,643 caese (3,660 new) and 4,989 deaths (46 new).

United States reported 2,115,994 cases (30,428 new) and 117,126 deaths (869 new).

Mexico reported 142.690 cases (3,494 new) and 16,872 deaths (424 new).

The global count is 7,763,961 (146,330 new) and 429,632 deaths (5,045 new).


Seattle’s Leaders Let Scientists Take the Lead. New York’s Did Not

May 4, 2020


UC and national lab to analyze snapshots of California from outerspace

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and its founder and historical partner, University of California at Berkeley, are proposing a technological measuring device from outer space to solve the ethical problem of the distribution of water in California. Satellite images, analyzed by their computers, will achieve one primary purpose beyond whatever funding LBNL skims off the top: they will provide more bedazzling information to water lawyers.

And, in drought years groundwater makes up to 60-percent of the state's water supply.


Just because we don't care doesn't mean it will all go away

What is wrong with American media that we have to get our best reporting on the pandemic in this country from two Australians writing for foreign news services?

The Base Right who support Trump, of course want to deny the pandemic, and any natural or social scientific data suggesting their day in the sun is coming to a frosty conclusion at the end of the year.



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