October 2023

Another USS Liberty "mistake" in the offing?


Strategic Culture Foundation
Biden Move to Send Warships to Gaza Coast More Dangerous Than We Thought

Martin Jay

The temptation by Netanyahu to arrange a false flag attack on the Americans is too great if and when he sees the conflict not going his way.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is banking all he has on a single bet: that the U.S. will go the full nine yards in his madcap idea of a regional war between Israel and Iran’s proxies in the region.

Will Rogers on Owens Valley, 1932


"Ten years ago this was a wonderful valley with one-quarter of a million acres of fruit and alfalfa. But Los Angeles had to have more water for the Chamber of Commerce to drink more toasts to its growth, more water to dilute its orange juice and more water for its geraniums to delight the tourists, while the giant cottonwoods here died. So now this is a valley of desolation."

Excellent article on California forests and fire



Fire, other ravages jeopardize California’s prized forests
Forest in California may be disappearing

ByBRIAN MELLEY Associated Press

KYBURZ, Calif. -- On a steep mountainside where walls of flames torched the forest on their way toward Lake Tahoe in 2021, blackened trees stand in silhouette against a gray sky.