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"...To the Last Ukrainian"


"…To the Last Ukrainian"
By Ellen Taylor
Beat, but bivouacked, tonight
The newsflash tells us once again
America will make us fight
To the last Ukrainian.

We light our Lucky Strikes, and joke
And chew on this philosophy
And argue who, through rings of smoke,
This last Ukrainian will be. 

Basil says it won’t be him
For, through his nightmares, shells, and soot,
Comes fatal Baba Yaga, grim
Upon her tub and chicken foot.

The joke of our government is a joke on us

This is happening because of the complete  capture of governmental agencies charged with enforcing regulations by the industries they are created to regulate. It makes a joke out of government, which by definition but not in reality is "our" government. This is another example of our how government is killing us. The joke is on us. -- blj


The Guardian

Prudhoe Bay nesting birds in danger from oil and gas projects




Alaska Oil and Gas Projects Harming One of World's Most Vital Bird Nesting Areas
"In the face of current uncertainty, to protect migratory birds, the U.S. government should ensure the most important bird areas continue to be set aside," the co-author of a new study asserted.


Migratory bird nest survival "decreased significantly" near fossil fuel extraction sites in Alaska's Prudhoe Bay, a study led by the Wildlife Conservation Society revealed Tuesday.


Something we've seen throughout our lives here, again, powerfully expressed by Thom Hartmann, who draws out the consequences. For those unacquainted with the term, "Weathering," in a sociological context, read on (if you are not yet exhausted). == blj


America Is Being Exhausted By the Fear- and Hate-Mongers
So, what do we do?

MAY 2, 2023

Ukraine grain production shrinks due to war


Black Sea grain deal extended by 60 days
Arvin Donley

Black Sea grain deal extended by 60 days | World Grain (world-grain.com)

KYIV, UKRAINE — The Black Sea Grain Initiative was extended on March 18 but by only 60 days, according to the United Nations, which along with Turkey has brokered the deal between Ukraine and Russia, which have been at war for nearly 13 months.