If the governor is serious ...

"Regulations are only as good as their enforcement," said Andrew Grinberg, California oil and gas manager for the environmental group Clean Water Action. "Unfortunately, DOGGR has already shown that they are unable to enforce existing laws."

The agency is working to "strengthen compliance and enforcement," said state oil and gas supervisor Steve Bohlen.

It won't be long before it's fracking time

Oil prices are rising again and they’ve passed the $50 break even price for fracked oil. This has given the Monterey Shale play new life. Couple that with the Trump administration’s hatred of any environmental regulation and, Behold, 1.6 million acres of public lands along the San Andreas Fault are opened for oil fracking. The potential for catastrophe is immeasurable.



Sacramento Bee

Trump plan to allow new fracking on California coast, Central Valley moves forward