Virus notes: July 13, 2020 -- Corruption of government and medicine

MERCED (BLJ)—On July 13, Merced County Public Health Department reported 2,012 cases of coronavirus (310 new cases in 5 days) and 12 deaths.

California reported 329,162 cases (8,358 new) and 7,040 deaths (23 new deaths on Monday).

The United States reported 3,428,462 cases (61,947 new) and 137,613 deaths (422 new).

The global count was 12,945,505 cases (437,656 new) and 571,444 deaths (10,984 new).


If the governor is serious ...

"Regulations are only as good as their enforcement," said Andrew Grinberg, California oil and gas manager for the environmental group Clean Water Action. "Unfortunately, DOGGR has already shown that they are unable to enforce existing laws."

The agency is working to "strengthen compliance and enforcement," said state oil and gas supervisor Steve Bohlen.

The velocity of the rate of extinction

The United Nations reported this week that the Sixth Extinction is well on its way. Without strenuous, consistent and intelligent action taken on a global level, the predicted “iconic” event of the new Anthropocene epoch of man-made ecological catastrophe is upon us. And the velocity of the rate of extinction in this epoch eclipses the known geological record.

Crazy Developer Kung Fu

Under cover of darkness, nobody but the special interests that benefit, the resource agencies themselves and a few members of the public in damaged regions, will know what environmental harm the Department of Interior and the Environmental Protection Agency will approve, overlook, ignore or complely fail to notice. The Trump administration, which looks so bumbling at times, never seems to miss a beat when it comes to rewarding environmental spoilers. It's all part of Crazy Developer Kung Fu. -- blj