The "voluntary agreement" on water fails

Gov. Gavin Newsom began his term with a quixotic act of well-intentioned malfeasance: he proposed voluntary agreement as the solution for California’s water problems. The price: the coming extinction for one or more fish species in the Delta. He now seems to be returning to court, the only place the people have a chance against the lawless Westlands Water District and its lobbyist, David Bernhardt, secretary of Interior, and the malignant narcissist on top of the manure pile.

Gov. Newsom caves under pressure from big water

We’ve read extensively about California state Senate Bill 1, an approach to resisting Trump and Bernhardt’s gutting of the federal Endangered Species Act, other environmental acts and their enforcement by federal resource agencies. Not that the federal government has ever been good at enforcing the environmental laws Congress passed, regardless of which party was in power.