The "voluntary agreement" on water fails

Gov. Gavin Newsom began his term with a quixotic act of well-intentioned malfeasance: he proposed voluntary agreement as the solution for California’s water problems. The price: the coming extinction for one or more fish species in the Delta. He now seems to be returning to court, the only place the people have a chance against the lawless Westlands Water District and its lobbyist, David Bernhardt, secretary of Interior, and the malignant narcissist on top of the manure pile.

Until ...

Until …


The world is facing its sixth extinction crisis, scientists are beginning to agree. 96-year-old Australian scientist Stephen Boyden’s comment on our hopes of preventing says what everyone involved in trying to save species feels:

“While there's a glimmer of hope, it's worth working to solve the problem. We have the scientific knowledge to do it but we don't have the political will,” Boyden said.

Finance, insurance, real estate special interests near total victory over 3-inch fish

The immanent extinction of the Delta smelt is exciting a flurry of studies, commentaries, and government evasion. . As we approach another development surge in California, it is apparent that lawyers, lobbyists, academics  and flakpersons for the Finance, Insurance and Real Estate conglomerate that rules the state have invented new layers of obfuscation between the conglomerate's work and the damage it does.