October 2022

Great unfashion statement

This regards the Tilley hat. I bought my first one 35 years ago on the coast. I gave it away 30 years ago and bought another one in the desert just like it two years ago.  Now, the hat comes in as many colors and styles as fancy blue jeans. The statement below was made in the midst of a conversation about what Tilley to wear in the desert. Sheer, deflationary genius.. -- wmh

Mexican President AMLO to ban GMO corn by 2024



Study forecasts severe economic impact if Mexico bans GM corn
By Arvin Donley

WASHINGTON, DC, US — If Mexico follows through on a presidential decree to ban genetically modified corn in 2024, the economic consequences would be devastating for US farmers and Mexican consumers, according to a recently released study by World Perspectives, Inc.

Chinese investments in US agriculture


China’s plan to build corn mill in US draws scrutiny
 Susan Reidy

GRAND FORKS, NORTH DAKOTA, US – Combining a shrinking 7% to 9% of the world’s arable land with a growing 20% of the global population means China must add another element to the equation if it wants to feed its people.

Progressive common sense slimed with cowardice

There are pages and pages of reiterations of this article – “House progressives withdraw letter calling for negotiations in Ukraine after fierce backlash”—on the Internet. Who wants us to give uncritical, undebated, brain-dead support to the Kiev government in Ukraine? Is it the same group that so fervently lied about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction? The interesting thing about the articles, like this one, is that they don’t name the “pundits” and other politicians who so ardently rejected the progressives letter.