Great unfashion statement

This regards the Tilley hat. I bought my first one 35 years ago on the coast. I gave it away 30 years ago and bought another one in the desert just like it two years ago.  Now, the hat comes in as many colors and styles as fancy blue jeans. The statement below was made in the midst of a conversation about what Tilley to wear in the desert. Sheer, deflationary genius.. -- wmh

Here's the deal. Get a 100% white cotton Tilley hat in your favorite size. In warm weather, soak that sucker in water, shake it out, and put it on. The slow evaporative cooling will soothe your fevered brow. Repeat as necessary. Best doo rag cum sunshade around. If you are still hot, put a wet cotton bandana hankerchief around your neck and put frozen daiquiris in your Nissan Titanium thermos. -- tiguy7