November 2020

Drought again or permanent?

I've noticed in the last week the telltale, subtle signs of drought, a staleness in the air, clouds that don't produce rain, a warm, sick sunlight, stinking dust. But,, isn't that nearly a permanent condition in the Central Valley these days? When was the last really good rain year? I'm sure that sometime during the last 22 years I witnessed one but I can't remember it. Mostly I remember stale air, no cooling breezes, no rain, an unhealthy and very unbalanced climate. -- wmh


Bay Nature

Virus notes: Novemberr 13, 2020 -- All one lousy story

MERCED (BLJ) -- Merced County lost two more patients today for a total of 166 deaths from the virus.

The number of California fatalities from the virus reached 18,160 today, an increase of 45.

The United States death count is 247,083,  an increase of 2,662..

The global total stands at 1,297,746, an increase of 9,780.

Merced City Councilman Echevarria remains a Whining Thug

Merced City Councilman Fernando Echevarria, censured by the City Council for making false accusations against the mayor and for demonstrating a choke hold at a Black Lives Matter rally about the death of George Floyd, is up to his stupid tricks again. During a discussion of increasing the per diem paid to council members, Echevarria was urged to claim that former Council Member Mary Michael Rawlings was forced to quit her position because she couldn't afford to pay a babysitter.

Democratic Party doubletalk begins in earnest

Trump defeated Biden in Louisiana 1.255,776 to 856,034. Biden didn't owe the Democratic Party of Louisiana anything. So, who did he owe and for what to commit this act of Democratic Party doubtetalk? How much money did the campaign take from the oil and chemical industry?

Biden had pledged not to accept donations exceeding $200 from the fossil fuel industry, but has taken $895,151 from individuals and PACs associated with the oil and gas industry, according to CRP data—Liz Hampton, Reuters, October 16, 2020

Virus update: November 27, 2020

MERCED (BLJ) – Lamentable news in Merced County. The positivity rate of infection has risen to 8 percent over seven day’s average. Two weeks ago it was less than 7 percent. The number of deaths is now 179.

California has a 6.1-percent infection rate over seven days; 19,076 people have died of virus-related illness (51 new).

The death count in the United states has reached 268,487 (1,521 new).

The global death count is 1,442,921 (10,874 new).