Merced City Councilman Echevarria remains a Whining Thug

Merced City Councilman Fernando Echevarria, censured by the City Council for making false accusations against the mayor and for demonstrating a choke hold at a Black Lives Matter rally about the death of George Floyd, is up to his stupid tricks again. During a discussion of increasing the per diem paid to council members, Echevarria was urged to claim that former Council Member Mary Michael Rawlings was forced to quit her position because she couldn't afford to pay a babysitter. Listening to the claim, one could imagine that Rawlings and her baby were  homeless and sleeping under the 99 Highway. But, in fact, she had a fulltime position with the Golden Valley Health Center and was married to a successful corporate Englishman at the time of her public service, which, judging from her demeanor and comments while on the dais at City Hall, she felt was beneath her in the same way she felt all of us mere citizens were beneath her. We are not even sure how Echevarria could have heard of Rawlings dire situation because it's not likely they swim in the same social fish tanks. Perhaps it's just a rumor and that actually former Council Member Rawlings did have enough money to pay a baby sitter or her highly successful huisband could afford a sitter or watched the baby himself.