September 2019

Water-Pollution Nation

Today the immediate concern seems to be algae bloom in rivers and lakes, which can turn into "red tides" in the Gulf of Mexico and can kill animals. Thirty-five years ago in the Merced County it was the water pollution at the US Fish & Wildlife Kesterson Wildlife Refuge causing the deaths and deformations of newborn birds, amphibians and humans, and causing cancer. Although this is happening from Vermont to California, the cause is the same, runoff from agricultural fields.

Gov. Newsom caves under pressure from big water

We’ve read extensively about California state Senate Bill 1, an approach to resisting Trump and Bernhardt’s gutting of the federal Endangered Species Act, other environmental acts and their enforcement by federal resource agencies. Not that the federal government has ever been good at enforcing the environmental laws Congress passed, regardless of which party was in power.

Time to remember Public Trust Doctrine

Facing fierce lobbying from well-financed water districts, the bill’s author, Senate President Toni Atkins, D-San Diego, acknowledged Tuesday that the bill might bet pulled from consideration until next year.

Democratic members of Congress, led by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a powerful voice on California water issues, have demanded changes to the bill to allow for more flexibility.

A New Silence

Following the weekend of worldwide youth-climate-change strikes involving millions of people, some members of the Badlands Journal Editorial board, residents of the San Joaquin Valley, the worst air-quality zone in the nation, remarked: “You think Global Warming is bad; wait till the wildlife is eliminated. “Billions of birds that used to fly and chirp in North American skies are no more.  Billions of birds that used to fly and chirp in North American skies are no more.