November 2014

Climate-change denial, Washington DC-style

 A good way to deny global warming is to underfund the National Weather Service because, what you don't know can't hurt you, right? A bad weather report might ruin a good congressional prayer breakfast. -- blj
New York Times
Our Failing Weather Infrastructure

Kathryn Miles is the author of “Superstorm: Nine Days Inside Hurricane Sandy.”





The origin of California water wars

 Lawyer Jennifer Buckman, representing Friant, said the state’s orders had the effect of putting birds on the refuges ahead of people in small east-side communities such as Orange Cove, Terra Bella, Lindsay and Strathmore... He added that the zero allocation and drought forced farmers to run their groundwater wells more than usual. The pumping lowered the water table and many wells dried up in rural neighborhoods, Jacobsma said. -- Grossi, Fresno Bee, Oct. 28, 2014

BIA's pathetic old tune

 In a puff piece about Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen, R-Modesto, leader of the Assembly minority party, Dave Cogdill Sr. had this to say about one of the best laws in the nation for protecting natural resources and the human environment.

Probably not a surprise in Oildale or Taft bars

 Not only are fracking economics "dys-economic" (1) but the process -- it can be revealed now for some reason -- is most harmful to the health of its own workers. The great boom in employment promised by all the promoters of this technology, toxic above and below ground, apparently comes at a high the workers.
(1) "Wells run dry for frackers," Badlands Journal, Nov. 5, 2014



"Buffalo likes Bergman"

 News of the recent extreme snowfall in Buffalo reminded one member of the Badlands editorial board and former resident of Buffalo of an hour in the early 1970's he once spent in a neighborhood tavern near the intersection of Delavan and Delaware avenues in that city.  He related that when he entered the tavern, about 8 p.m., snow was already nearly to the window sills. The group at the bar was talking movies, specifically those of the Swedish director,  Ingmar Bergman. This was not a crowd of university film majors, just ordinary working men in the predominantly Italian neighborhood.

Unclogged with either denial or hustle

Sometimes, we hope we are honest enough to admit, we are struck speechless by just how incapable our "elected" bought-and-sold government is to lead, leaving the comprehension of the situation to the ordinary citizen, who has a bunch of other more immediate matters on her mind. And it's rare to find anything written or broadcast that gives us the real hope only a piece of thought unclogged with denial and hustle can bring.