"Buffalo likes Bergman"

 News of the recent extreme snowfall in Buffalo reminded one member of the Badlands editorial board and former resident of Buffalo of an hour in the early 1970's he once spent in a neighborhood tavern near the intersection of Delavan and Delaware avenues in that city.  He related that when he entered the tavern, about 8 p.m., snow was already nearly to the window sills. The group at the bar was talking movies, specifically those of the Swedish director,  Ingmar Bergman. This was not a crowd of university film majors, just ordinary working men in the predominantly Italian neighborhood. He became fascinated by their encyclopedic knowledge of the films as they went on and on describing to each other scene after scene.  At one point, he  asked what they thought of Fellini.
With a sidelong glance at the front window,  an off-duty cop informed him: "Buffalo likes Bergman." During the hour-long film seminar, the snow had topped the sill and was climbing up the window glass.