October 2011

Environmental Water Caucus comments on fifth draft of Delta Plan

California Sportfishing Protection Alliance
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CA PC AG plays with FIRE

What could possibly be the social, economic or political incentive for the government of the State of California to negotiate a better deal for its underwater homeowners than could the other 49 states acting in concert? The California state Legislature including executive officers may be the only political body in the country more in the thrall of finance, insurance and real estate (FIRE) special interests than the US Congress.

Sign of the times

The great financial reporter Pam Martens reported on CounterPunch.com today sighting this sign carried by a demonstrator against Wall Street:
“I’ll believe a corporation is a person when Texas executes one.”

Financial Giants Put New York City Cops On Their Payroll

Good reporting on a tough topic

What we like about this article from the Bakersfield Californian is that, with the possible exception of mentions of truck pollution being reduced by the High-speed rail system, there is no undigested propaganda in it. This is probably because for Bakersfield, air pollution is a very serious matter, in fact an “existential threat” to the elderly and to the young.

Government backing off solar energy subsidies

The three articles below make up a brief sketch of where we are with solar energy in California and the nation. Because of the initial expense, the government seems to be involved even though policies on subsidies constantly shift and only the wealthy seem able to take advantage of them anyway (what else is new?), so solar power is a political football.

Blithering idiocy stalks north San Joaquin Valley

Modesto Bee
Valley's nine cities begin reviews of growth limits…Garth Stapley
Most city leaders throughout Stanislaus County are consulting their growth policies as logical starting points for drawing the growth limits they hope to put before voters next year.

After doing the math

After "doing the math" on Herman Cain's 9-9-9 tax program on his sister's kitchen table, the Dull-Witted Boy's Uncle Henry announced that he himself way now running for president.
"My program is simpler," the newest candidate for the 2012 presidential election said. "It will not require any math.
"I'm running on the platform: Ja! Ja! Ja!"

Apparently dilution is not the solution

Global Research
Fukushima: Towards the Formation of a Radioactive Graveyard in the Pacific Ocean?
Japanese Officials & Experts Late Decision to Expand Testing Around Fukushima Daiichi
by Lucas Whitefield Hixson
No one wants to think about the massive aqueous deposition of radioactive materials into the Pacific Ocean, that much is now clear.

Pimlico Kid rides into sunset

We won't be able to produce a column-length article about the forced retirement of Rep Dennis Cardoza, Pimlico Kid - -Merced, aka Shrimp Slayer. We admire the verbosity of the McClatchy Chain editorialists while noting that what they are saying -- as most of what Cardoza has said throughout his career -- is not true. Perhaps, the McClatchy Co. in this instance agrees with Badlands -- "Good riddance." Cardoza, the former lady mud wrestling impresario, could not beg, borrow or steal enough respectability to edify his political career in this McClatchy dominated zone.

Iran debate

Below are three articles about Iran that, read together, make up a serious, informative debate -- in a time when two parties vie titles in venality and idiocy -- on the issue of whether the US should invade that country or not. While this is not the usual Badlands Journal fare, in general it is everyone's fare.
BadlandsJournal editorial board
Washington Post
The alarm bells behind Iran’s alleged assassination plot
By Richard Cohen

State bond funds available

George Skelton was dean of the state Capitol press corps for years until the Capitol press corps melted away, leaving Skelton and a few others to wander the lobbyist-infested halls containing the offices of termed legislators and their nubile, know-nothing staffers alone still trying to inform a population of Californians that has doubled since Skelton began covering the Capitol. It is a population the majority of which believes that California history began when Me Got Here.