September 2011

We’re supposed to feel sorry for these people? Part I

This article is the beginning of an occasional series concerning foreclosures in Merced County -- the economic crisis that doesn't go away. 
Today’s example concerns Trustee’s Sale T.S. No. 08-2212-SP-CA, a ranchette in the North Merced area. (Even though Merced County denies the existence of any ranchettes in the county, on this particular road appears to contain a dozen ranchettes, suitable for grazing horses or other backyard ornaments.)
The property is about to be sold at public auction for $949,246.38.

A real tea party on the Columbia River

The International Longshore and Warehouse Union, the ILWU, is battling a global grain-shipping corporate partnership in the Washington State port of Longview, near the mouth of the Columbia River.
The contenders are:
EGT is a joint venture of Bunge, STX Pan Ocean, and Itochu. EGT has contracted with General Construction Company, employer of Operating Engineers Local 701, to do the work that is the long-established jurisdiction of the men and women of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, Local 21. -- Longshore and Shipping News

One step closer to a state bank for California

A bill to establish a committee to study the viability of a state bank for California has passed both houses of the state Legislature and now awaits the governor's signature. Bearing in mind that Gov. Jerry Brown has warned that he would veto many bills passed in this legislative session, we don't know what chances the bill has of becoming law but we would not have given it much chance to get through the Legislature just a few months ago. The governor may share the legislative desperation.
Badlands Journal editorial board
Al-Jazeerah, CCUN

Bravo for the Brothers from Hanford!

This is a wonder idea -- to simply walk the best guess of what the route for the California High Speed Railroad might be.
Bravo for the Brothers from Hanford!
The next step is for the Valley growers, some of whom are old enough to remember other marches in past decades, to gather together with their heirs and assigns next April and hike from the Union Station in Los Angeles to San Francisco. CAll it the Ag Plutocrats' Pilgrimage against High Speed Rail.
Fresno Bee

What is the need?

While an admirable work of propaganda worthy of his west side origins, MID General Manager John Sweigard leave a huge hole in the middle of his argument, a hole that cannot be concealed by no matter how much "environmental community" bashing he undertakes.

Review of The Wheel of Life: Food, Climate, Human Rights and the Economy

 "Agriculture is not about producing food but about profit. Food is a side effect."-- Richard Levins, "Why Programs Fail," Monthly Review, March 2010
Independent Science New
New report links food, climate and agricultural policies
Jonathan Latham and Allison Wilson

Battle of the Lower Columbia goes on

The Daily Newsl
ILWU Ladies Auxiliary protests alleged police brutality
By Tony Lystra
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John Markon / The Daily News
 Amanda Bornstedt, left, carried a homemade "Hugs for Thugs" sign at Saturday's pro-union rally for women in West Kelso because she "liked the non-violent message"

Nurses strike against Sutter Health

Mercury News
Replacement nurse involved in 'medical error' leading to patient death at Oakland hospital
By Harry Harris and Matthias Gafni
Oakland Tribune
A replacement nurse at an Oakland hospital committed a "medical error" while administering a dosage of medication to a cancer patient leading to her death early Saturday morning, police and hospital officials said.

When governments and scientists lie

The history of radiation accidents testifies that governments routinely betray their citizens in deference to their nuclear weapons program and the nuclear industry. No, only one alternative is open to the people of Japan. They must become proactive. They must seize the initiative and wrest control from government and industry of the “perception” of the catastrophe.  -- Paul Zimmerman, Sept. 27, 2011