Virus update: January 20, 2021

The Covid-10 death count in Merced County is 318; the rate of infection is 14.7 percent. Although some may have had a better experience, the Badlands editor has had a frustrationg, chaotic experience with contant attempts to get vaccine for which he qualifies according to the county Public Health Department website. But, this may not be a death sentence. One health worker I talked to in a clinic office indicated that she might have been skeptical about the vaccine. Meanwhile, the doctors urge strongly that elderly with one or more underlying conditions get vaccinated immediately. If that were possible we would probably agree.

The County has a good record delivering flu shots, which is a state operation. We add our hope to the nation's supply of it that Biden and the Democrats can quickly develop an effective national policy to get vaccine to local government where people of good will can distribute it quickly.

Meanwhile, nuts to the cynics. -- blj