Virus update: January 14, 2020

MERCED (BLJ) Two hundred and eighty-seven people have died of Covid-19 in Merced County since the pandemic began early last year. The post-holiday-season infection rate has risen to 15.7 percent. The County notified the public today that there are vaccinations available for all essential, "frontline" personnel, from doctors to grocery clerks, but there is not yet any vaccine available for vulnerable citizens not deemed "essential." This follows the pattern the County established for tests. It is easy to get frustrated with the County's management of tests and vaccine but we must remember that they can only distribute what is distributed to them by the state and federal government.

The national medical consensus is that we are entering the worst period yet.

In California 31,645 people have died from the virus,  540 within the late 24 hours. New York leads the nation with 39,760 deaths.We are second closely followed by Texas.

In the United States 386,842 people have died since the pandemic began, 3,552 in the last day.

The global count is 1,977,893 dead, 15,876 in the last day.