On the Trump-Biden debate

 A young firefighter had returned to the station after a 24-hour day on the fire line of a fire that had been burning and expanding for a month. He had bathed, eaten a cooked meal, and slept many hours before awaking, just in time to catch the great debate on the bunkhouse TV. When it was over, the young government employee asked one of the senior firefighters in the room, “What the fuck was that?”

The phrase spread, well, like wildfire, through the small army of fire fighters, and as it was repeated, different words were emphasized to explore all possible nuances of meaning the five words offered. Different engine companies preferred difference emphases.

In this way the fire fighters on that particular face of this monstrous fires, stretching across parts of  seven counties, articulated the complex significance of the first and probably the only Trump-Biden Debate.  -- blj