Virus notes: May 2-3, 2020


Merced County Public Health Department on the morning of May 2 reported 140 cases (six new) and three deaths. However, the Merced Sun-Star reported that county Public Health Department “officials have recently said that the number of total coronavirus cases since the pandemic began is more likely 450 cases in Merced County, but insufficient testing capacity has led to an incomplete tally.

Stanislaus County reported 380 cases of COVID-19 (6 new) and 13 deaths.

Madera County reports 46 cases and 2 deaths.

San Joaquin County reported 557 cases (14 new) and 25 deaths.

Fresno County reported 615 cases (51 new) and 8 deaths (one new).

Santa Clara County’s latest report was 2,179 cases (16 new) and 113 deaths (two new).

This weekend California reported 53,670 cases (1,433 new) and 2,215 deaths (43 new).

The United States reported 1,184,248 cases (25,712 new) and 68,286 deaths (1,219 new).

The global count at the weekend was 3.507,265 cases (78,843 new) and 247,491 deaths (3,660 new).