The Pomboza lives by other means

Former Rep. RichPAC Pombo, Buffalo Slayer-Tracy, has climbed through the revolving door from House committee chairman up to the real power: he's joining a lobbying firm representing Northwest and Alaskan timber interests and oil companies among others. He is no doubt an attractive candidate for elevation into the lobbying ranks because he would bring some clients with him -- the same handful of north San Joaquin Valley developers on whose behalf he nearly gutted the Endangered Species Act, Indian casinos, off-shore oil-drilling companies, Western agribusiness, Pacific island sweatshops, as well as various and sundry haters of environmental law and regulation. Pombo had an able teacher in the lobbying game, Jack Abramoff, who last year pleaded guilty to fraud, tax evasion and conspiracy to bribe public officials.

Pombo in Washington with adequate funds is no doubt a profound relief to the special interests of the former Pombozastan, that region comprising the 11th and 18th congressional districts, the latter represented by Dennis Cardoza, Merced. Without Pombo to guide him, it was looking like Cardoza was going to lose his focus on the developers' agenda and wander off among the organic fruits and nuts and House rules.

But now Pombo will be in Washington to watch over his protege and guide him with a steady, cash-filled hand right back into his pocket. Together again, with their hands on the money, the Pomboza lives. Perhaps it will be stronger now in the backroom than it ever were out front, back when the House Natural Resources Committee was called the House Resources Committee, Pombo was its chair and Cardoza was introducing a bill a year to gut provisions in the ESA.

Badlands editorial board


Stockton Record
Pombo in talks to join Oregon-based lobbying firm...Hank Shaw
The Washington insider paper Roll Call reported Tuesday: "The former House Resources chairman is in talks with Pac/West Communications, an Oregon-based PR and lobbying firm that has a roster of timber and energy clients." ...the company already has signed a deal with Pombo's former staff director, Steve Ding, to open a California office in Sacramento. Pombo, who, despite reports to the contrary, isn't rolling in dough, might very well need the added income - especially now that he'll probably keep his town house in Virginia...