Badlands antidote for 2007

The Badlands Journal antidote for recession and bloody-minded blithering idiots at the wheel will not:

· stop inflation and falling home prices
· negative real yeilds on US Treasury securities
· stop pressure to weaken the dollar
· stop sharp rise in grain prices as biofuel processors bid up food prices
· stop precious metal prices from rising
· stop war and rising political instability in the Mideast, Southeast Asia and Africa and production discipline from keeping the supply of oil below demand
· stop the combination of rising defaults, foreclosures and falling collateral values that is beginning to weaken the balance sheets of mortgage lenders, including several of America’s largest banks
· stop wages from falling
· stop a stock-market slump
· cool bond market volatility
· stop a 20-percent depreciation of the dollar against the yen, the Swiss franc and the pound, and a 10-percent depreciation against the Chinese yuan
· stop a recession in Mexico that will drive more people north
· support "cash-out" mortgages to stimulate consumer spending
· stop the Democrats from aggressive trade legislation aimed at opening more Asian markets
· stop Chinese and Japanese irritation with this legislation
· stop global warming
. turn you into a faith-based knucklehead.

However, it may restore some lost sanity as an economic crisis you can’t do anything about anyway develops and political and economic leaders pump up the volume of lies, send in more troops, start more wars, and do more of what they have done so well -- steal, kill and destroy the earth in the name of Jesus Christ.

The Badlands Journal antidote for 2007:

The Origin of Species, by Charles Darwin (1859)


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