Master grifter meets his match at Livingston Happy Food Mart

But, even though the man, apparently an illegal immigrant (though from what country is one mystery) with more than 40 alias, apparently conned the local McClatchy Co. outlet into believing he at least recently came from a place called Stenton, another mystery. We never heard of it and either has Google. But the Sun-Star may have its zip code.
Who knows?
At least the suspect is calling himself Alvarez and not Alvernaz, and he has not apparently claimed any relationship to Sweet Potato Joe. 
Merced Sun-Star
Police say he entered the U.S. illegally, used fake IDs and stole checks.
Vikaas Shanker
A foreign national who eluded authorities using more than 40 aliases as he stole and cashed checks was arrested by Livingston police Friday.
Felipe Alvarez, 51, was booked into Merced County Main Jail Friday for a slew of allegations including identity theft, burglary, forging checks and providing false identification to police, according to jail records.
Livingston police officers responded around 11 a.m. Friday to Happy Food Mart to investigate a report of someone trying to cash stolen money orders, according to a news release.
The business owner locked Alvarez in the store until officers responded and arrested Alvarez for several felony charges, the release states.
The U.S. postal inspector also arrived to investigate reports of Alvarez stealing and cashing numerous checks across the state, according to the release..
During the course of the investigation, authorities found out that Alvarez was on federal probation for illegally entering the United States. They also learned Alvarez used more than 40 aliases to avoid being caught.
Livingston Police Lt. Chris Soria said Alvarez was a foreign national, but it wasn't clear what country he is from. Jail records indicate Alvarez was staying in Stenton.
Officials were in the process of obtaining a federal warrant , the release states.
Alvarez was being held Saturday with a total bond amount of $159,500, according to jail records.