Questions without answers

Below are some questions the asker does not know the answer to -- questions that are not simply inverted assertions, questions that are not mere rhetorical openings for opinions, questions that are not part of dogmatic "answers."
Do the answers constantly produced by mass media, targeted, tailormade to placate political consumers, satisfy what is political in us?
What is the political in us?
Is citizenship a privilege without obligations?

Who benefits most from a state of perpetual war in the United States?
How many working people benefit from the American empire?
Is China our enemy?
Is war the most environmentally destructive human activity?
Is the war in the Middle East driven by the Pentagon's need for oil?
Is America so bedazzled by its own TV image that it can't see the rest of the world, even Mexico or Canada?
What is the worst threat to the American weapons industry?
Who benefits from the destruction of Syria?
What is the single antidote to the top three American fundamentalisms: Literal interpretation of the Protestant Bible (in whatever the latest idiom happens to be); literal interpretation of Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations (or the Cliff Notes version); literal interpretation of the US Constitution frozen as archaic holy writ in 1789?