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Merced needs new mall

Editor: As I was shopping the other day at the mall, I noticed the deadness of the mall. We as UC Merced students demand more to do in Merced than just go to the mall. Merced is a great city and I'm sure in the future it will be known for its many differences. Merced as of right now is not known for anything.

Many students come to Merced because it's a new UC. As a student at UC Merced, I question many people why they chose to attend UC Merced. Is UC Merced what you had expected it to be? Many students are frustrated, many plan to transfer and the majority of students regret they even came to Merced. The point I am trying to make clear here is we need major progress in Merced. We as students don't have much money to travel long distances to buy something that we need for school. Merced needs more shopping centers and another mall. We need a reliable city to help motivate us as students to stay here.

We want Merced to be known for its hard-working students at UC Merced. We all want to set standards for the generations to come because we are the first students to attend this new university. For us to be able to do this we need the help of the city to provide us with the right tools. Many of us have to travel to Fresno or Modesto just to shop. We need more shopping centers in Merced. I personally demand more progress to benefit the city of Merced. We all enjoy attending UC Merced but the city needs major progress. I am sure many people want Merced to be known for its academic achievers at the new university. For us to be able to do this and make this city shine, we need the help of the city to provide us with tools such as shopping centers. Merced is a great city. I am aware that the city is trying its best to please each and every one of us. I am grateful for that, but please help us!

Shue Her, UC Merced student, Merced