"Eureka!" means "Steal the Resources!" to our Greekless leaders

 "The past is never dead. It's not even past," said William Faulkner and the stunning lack of political leadership exhibited by the League of California Cities reminds us -- not of growth and prosperity -- but the manic reaction of our leaders in times of stress when they follow the fundamental notion of the State of California: Steal the resources! -- blj
Association of California Water Agencies
League of California Cities Board Votes to Support Water Bond
 by Pamela Martineau
The League of California Cities Board of Directors has voted to support Proposition 1, the Water Quality, Supply and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014.
The vote occurred during the board’s meeting in Los Angeles earlier this month in conjunction with the organization’s annual conference. In a press statement, League officials said the bond’s provisions provide substantial benefits for California cities and ensure that all communities have safe and reliable water into the future. 
“We congratulate the Legislature for passing a water bond with wide bipartisan support. The fact that legislators representing every region in California stand behind Prop. 1 indicates the universal understanding that our state is in a water crisis. It’s predicted that the coming rainy season will not end this historic drought further straining California’s water supplies, and California must make investments in the most pressing water infrastructure needs,” said League President and San Francisco Treasurer José Cisneros.
“California cities support this bond because it will help provide our communities with reliable and clean drinking water and will establish solid water management priorities for decades,” Cisneros continued.
The League’s water bond priorities comprise six main areas: water conservation, groundwater recharge, stormwater capture and reuse/Clean Water Act compliance, watershed restoration, water storage and conveyance and water recycling and reuse. Prop. 1 contains allocations that match those League priorities, the press release stated, including:
·         $2.7 billion for storage;
·         $1.495 billion for watershed protection and watershed ecosystem restoration;
·         $725 million for water recycling projects and programs;
·         $720 million for groundwater management;
·         $200 million for stormwater capture; and
·         $100 million for water conservation and efficiency plans, projects, and programs.