December 2021

Giroux's warning

Nobody we know can discuss the relationship between education and society with both the focus and the breadth that Henry Giroux brings to this complex, vital collection of topics. And in these desperate times when the numbnut knuckleheads appear once again to be winning, Giroux's voice is more welcome and needed than ever. This is a long essay; take it bit by bit, let it enlighten and encourage you even as he describes the horrible intellectual and moral geology of the particular cave we're in right now. -- blj

DECEMBER 10, 2021

Mexicans ban further GMO planting

A story that began at UC Berkeley almost 20 years ago seems to have ended this fall. We don't mean to credit UCB with a positive role because its administration did what it could to buery the research and the head researcher, Ignacio Chapela. But Chapela persisted and prevailed and now the government and highest court of Mexico, the natal home of corn, appears to fully recognize the danger GMO-corn cultivation poses to the diversity of corn varieties that grow in Mexico. -- blj

Ideology and the science of vaccination

And how the Democrats’ plans to boost capital-gains taxes may discourage future innovation...The federal government expedited drug approvals and helped to fund the vaccine roll-out. But how were Moderna and BioNTech able to design and deliver highly effective vaccines so quickly — in months, rather than the years it usually takes for vaccines?

Planning for the other side of the two-front war

Hey kids, and all you young-at-hearts, It's good for us to know that our government is busy planning how to fight a two-front war in the Ukraine and Taiwan.  

Badlands Journal Ukraine and the pipelines: the real Eurasian Deal, Dec. 28,2021

--Uncle Badlands

Asia Times
US and Japan float a plan to defend Taiwan
This is the first report of any joint planning between the US and Japan on potential Chinese attacks on Taiwan
US and Japan float a plan to defend Taiwan - Asia Times