April 2021

The rentier class and the economy of extortion

I apologize for the absence of material on Badlands in recent weeks. I’ve been moving.

I recently asked a learned member of my new community in the desert what “economic rent” was. She had spent her entire career in “Finance,” she said (and you should hear the word as she pronounces it, with a Capital F and italics). She flipped off the following reply to this elementary question: “Payment for the use of something you don’t own.”

The damage genetic engineering does

Below you'll find a linked summary of articles on recent research into the damage genetic engineering has done, does, and will do. When Bill Gates and his ilk tell you that's all bunk, remember that Gates is not a scientist anymore than Zuckerberg is or Steve Jobs was. They use science to improve their profits; they don't do science to discover truths. -- blj



Gene editing: Unexpected outcomes and risks

Damaged DNA on fire