June 2018

Cal Fire big shots making California more dangerous place to live?


CAL FIRE crews and equipment are a familiar sight throughout the State with responsibility for the protection of over 31 million acres of California's privately-owned wildlands. In addition, they provide emergency services of all kinds within 36 of California's 58 counties through local government contracts. -- http://calfire.ca.gov/fire_protection/fire_protection







Dick Tuck passes

Several political reporters, political press agent, and an organizer were sitting around the Hacienda Motel swimming pool in 1968 killing time before a campaign even for Alan Cranston, who was running for US Senate against Max Rafferty. Their thoughts turned to Dick Tuck, as often happened in groups such as these in those years. This was the story reporters from the San Francisco Chronicle, the San Jose Mercury and the LA Times, and Cranston's press agent told me, the young organizer.

The shallow criminal state

...I realize we’re supposed to become inured to the incoherent ramblings of a president who drifts through life unburdened by things like reality or consequences or object permanence, but for some of us, the mental callouses haven’t quite built up, making garbled presidential tweet farts like the ones Trump ripped Tuesday night still seem shocking in their pungent perversity.

Protect our Water

Mission Statement 
Protect Our Water is an unincorporated association formed in 1998 for the purpose of increasing the awareness, appreciation, and preservation of the environmental resources within the Central Valley region of central California, as well as within other areas of the State of California.  POW aims to protect natural resources and the environment and to uphold the integrity of environmental and land use planning and review processes.  POW’s membership includes residents and property owners within the San Joaquin Valley. 
(209) 723-9283

While Don Culo deals, the world rolls on

 As the US media contemplates the minutiae of past and present crimes of our ruling family, Don Culo e la sua famiglia, its consigliere,  Don Michael Cohen, and various capos -- Kushner, Pruit, Manafort, etc., and even some Russian oligarchs, miscellaneous Israelis and others involved in Don Culo's public-private/win-win deals for himself and his family,  the world rolls on. -- blj

The Syria connection to Iran, Afghanistan and China
By Pepe Escobar

Arsenic in old clays

“We’ve known for a long time that after a lot of pumping, you start running out of groundwater,” said Ryan Smith, a doctoral candidate in geophysics at Stanford and lead author of the study. “We hadn’t really thought that pumping too much water would cause water quality issues.

Loyalty and corruption in environmental law

It's worth noting that, as occurred in the Nixon administration, subordinates partake of the chief's corruption and compete with more and more outrageous acts of government destruction to show their loyalty so that they can stay in office a little longer regardless of the bad publicity and collect a little more of corruption's benefits.

A smooth, new academic generation of developer flak is upon us

Only with a university would Joeville be viable. I’d put mine in the city center, not on the outskirts as was done, mistakenly, with the new UC campus in Merced. I’d also put my university in charge of the local school district—creating a teachers college in the process. Mathews, Zocalo, June 11, 2018

Don Culo does the environment

National Geographic has thoughtfully put together a running account of the damage the regime of Don Trump, il Culo, and his famiglia has done and will do to the environment of the nation and the world. -- wmh
National Geographic
A Running List of How Trump Is Changing the Environment
The Trump administration has promised vast changes to U.S. science and environmental policy—and we’re tracking them here as they happen.

When a dolphin tries to swallow a whale

 If you've wondered why your Merced Sun-Star front page looks so much like the Modesto Bee front page, or wondered whatever happened to the Sun-Star's offices, or, if you're more familiar with local journalism, what happened to the Sun-Star's printing press, if fact, if you're just generally wondering what happened to your local paper about the time UC arrived and McClatchy bought the paper, the following article will give you a better idea about what McClatchy bigshots did and its consequences for you. -- blj

Mental health dangers of marijuana


Commercialisation of cannabis has as many dangers as criminalisation.

A new legal market in cannabis might be regulated and the toxicity of super-strength skunk reduced. But the argument of those who want to legalise cannabis is that the authorities are unable to enforce regulations when the drug is illegal, so why should they be more successful in regulating it when its production and sale is no longer against the law?b-- Patrick Cockburn, Unz Review, June 24, 2018