December 2016

Baselines #3: Geopolitical, US military, US propaganda

These articles discuss the present geopolitical situation of the United States as Donald Trump prepares to be the president; the condition of the American military; and the accelerating growth of propaganda and the appearance of "weaponized" journalism. Again, the purpose of this series of baselines is to give readers some basis of comparison between the present and what the Trump presidency might bring. -- blj




Baseline #4: Conflicts of interest

 The Trump presidency, its cabinet shaping up to be a plutocracy, is likely to become the most corrupt executive the United States has ever seen. This entry in our Baseline Series concerns only the president-elect's conflicts of interest, not those of the rest of his cabinet-of-the-wealthy. The exception to The Donald's plutocrat law is a retired US Marine general, who he chose for his secretary of defense. The selection of Genl. James Mattis shows Trump's contempt for the law excluding the general from serving in that position for seven years.

Deck the halls with paper water

 The more water you give agribusiness bully boys, the greedier they become. The more government provides them, the more anti-government they become. The more socially responsible government becomes in making resources available, the more the greedy bully boys scream "Socialist!" at anyone who calls for limits to government largesse to its agribusiness corruptors.

Baseline # 5: Mexico

Trump: a “category five hurricane” for the Mexican economy--- former Mexican Central Bank official
How the Close U.S.-Mexico Partnership Could Unravel Under Trump
 Joshua Keating
This is the fifth in a series of posts looking at how Donald Trump’s presidency could impact countries and regions around the world.

Free markets in miscellaneous commodities

 Free markets in whatever commodity, water or members of Congress for example, always favor the highest bidder while the press keeps making real interesting stories out of the auctions. -- blj 
Sacramento Bee
After years of drama, farmers score a big win in California water battle
Michael Doyle

Federalist # 68: The Electoral College

 Heightening the tension in recent weeks: Clinton actually won the popular vote by about 3 million — making Trump the worst-performing winner in the popular vote since 1876.1. -- CNNWire, Dec. 18, 2016

The Federalist Papers : No. 68

The Mode of Electing the President 
From the New York Packet. 
Friday, March 14, 1788.




"At 40 percent you still hit extinctions,"... Barbara Barrigan-Parilla

Stockton Record
Fitzgerald: How to kill fish and hurt people
 Michael Fitzgerald
Record columnist
Saving the Delta requires sacrifice by all, not just residents of this region. I hope someone drilled that idea into the State Water Resources Control Board.

Hark, the herald angels sing

. “Angels help us resist, Seamus,” I said. “They are the ones who give us the information and the courage to speak out when we would rather just hang out.  Our angel’s protest sign is good news! Our angel is reminding us that Trump isn’t our president. Right? We can still be good people, even though we have a terrible president.”
 Frida Berrigan,, Dec. 24, 2016

Arms and The Donald


PRESIDENT-ELECT DONALD TRUMP: As far as drones are concerned, yes, to take out terrorists—the only thing is, I want them to get it right. But to take out terrorists, yes, I would—I would think that that is something I would continue to do. As far as beyond that, I don’t want to talk about it, because I do want to be unpredictable, in a sense. I don’t want the enemy to know exactly where I’m coming from. -- Democracy Now!, Dec. 27, 2016