August 2015

It takes a lot of water to store a lot of data



“People are still choosing to go with designs that are more water-intensive because of the cost of construction,” he says. -- Sarah Shemkus, The Guardian, July 20, 2015 

Because, of course, these "people" and government regulators have less social conscience than a cockroach. How much Delta water via the San Luis Reservoir and Santa Clara Water District goes to cool data in Silicon Valley? The geniuses behind deregulation of California electricity are at it again, this time with water. 
-- blj

The noise of kah-ching deafens the hacks to the sounds of the street


 The sound of its own failure has not yet drowned out the Plutocrats' Happy Noise: KAH-CHING! -- blj
The latest Gallop Poll on voter preference, from the second week of July, 2015, is 29% Republican, 42% Independent, and 28% Democrat.


Almond industry looking for a new market?

 “This research doesn’t respond directly to concerns about water consumption, but it does show that almond production in California has a light carbon footprint,” saidReid Lifset, editor-in-chief of the Journal of Industrial Ecology,“Almond orchards can be a source of renewable energy and, as perennial crops, they store carbon during their life cycle — significantly offsetting carbon emissions in other stages of almond production.” -- Kevin Dennehy, Yale News, Aug. 4. 2015

The other climate in the Valley

 In the San Joaquin Valley of California, two climates intersect The first is a prolonged, serious drought. The other, less visible, is the new financial climate of RISK FREE AGRIBUSINESS, created by special interests in finance, insurance and real estate, ironically called FIRE.

Book of Kells is not Burger King

 Transnational corporate management believes its own propaganda: that it rules the world. Since the quarterly bottom line is its only moral guide, and the pay for top management positions is soooooooooooooo good, Burger King executives can be excused for forgetting that there were life forms before Burger King and claims to glory somewhat different if not superior to the American fast food hamburger.

Israel will teach us how to manage water

 It was precisely because of this Israeli innovation that the governor, Jerry Brown, welcomed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to California in March 2014. During a ceremony in Silicon Valley, the two leaders signed a memorandum of understanding to foster cooperation and develop research with an emphasis on water conservation and management.

The balm of reason may sooth the chicken flock

Three perennial sources of American anxiety, The People's Republic of China, communism and money, have recently coalesced into an imaginary 10-foot, rabid fox menacing our flock.
Pepe Escobar offers soothing reason to dissolve the specter. He actually lives in Hong Kong and has been covering the politics and economy of the PRC for a number of years.-- blj



Ring around the nuts, the fruit and the tall, tall cotton

 It is too easy to imagine that section of the Eighth Ring of Hell reserved for the lawyers representing California irrigation districts. The lawyers wander across the arid dunes constantly treading on their long tongues, cracked and bleeding. Yet agribusiness mouthpieces still mutter their favorite phrase: "achieving a reasonable balance."
Vultures from a large flock eternally wheeling overhead swoop down and rip the tongues from the lawyers' mouths. The rhetoric is cut short for awhile but only as long as it takes new tongues, like lizards' tails, to regrow.