May 2013

Another petroleum by-product

 People who take seriously the information that the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is cvurrently at 390 ppm when science has stated that the tipping point (where catastrophic sea-level rise begins) is at 350 ppm, observe the current debate about oil – from academic institutional and state and national environmental groups’ divestment of holdings in fossil fuel firms to California’s governor, the Great Reflector’s jitterbugging on fracking the Monterey Shale Formation – and could notice that political hypocrisy is also a petroleum by-product.

Latest invasion of Grenada

It just doesn't make investment sense to pour money into alternative technologies when such a splendid speculative bubble is developing over the Monterey Shale Formation, promising to be the largest fracking bonanza of them all in the nation. So, the US hurtles onward to extract more petroleum to create more global warming while polluting more groundwater. Power without care is an abomination.
Badlands Journal editorial board

"79yrs old and still as Old and Evil as Hell itself.."

 Merced County Supervisor, John "Ol'Slippery" Pedrozo don't fell in it again, proving that if the money's good enough, Ol' Slippery will grab a toboggan for a ride down the next manure pile in his political career. 
The short article just below from says about all anyone needs to say about the first contract for the state's high speed rail project "that will tie the megopolis of Madera to the global finance center of Fresno" was "won" by a consortium controlled by Richard Blum, aka Mr. Dianne Feinstein.


 The problem of groundwater depletion is obviously inseparable from the political/legal failure to solve it. In the San Joaquin Valley, one of the most severely over-drafted areas in the country, volunteer groups assembled to qualify for state-funded grants to "solve" groundwater problems, at least here in Merced, are being fed a local governance model from San Diego County, where groundwater depletion has barely gotten started.

Oregon forest "terrorist" admits coaching kindergarten soccer

"I coach kindergarten soccer," says Jason Gonzales of Cascadia Forest Defenders. He testified against the bill and questioned lawmakers' priorities. "We have students, we are professionals, we meet with governors, we present at panels.  And when it’s the last resort we put our bodies on the line."
By Will Potter