February 2013

Our Delta, displaying the national heritage of destruction of the natural environment

The state is going mad again. It is happening more frequently these days as it is necessary for the rulers to grasp at evermore absurd propaganda campaigns to mask their purposes. You can't even blame Jerry Brown. It is just the system, grinding on and on.
One of the dipbleep campaigns is to name the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta a "national heritage area," as plans move forward to excavate huge tunnels underneath it to take most of its fresh water supply from the Sacramento River above the Delta to the big north-south canals below the Delta.

What U say and what U do

College students, starting in small colleges in New England but in a movement quickly growing, are pressuring high education administrators and boards of trustees to divest investment in fossil fuel corporations.

Cardoza inducted into the Order of Prince Henry the Navigator

We were deeply gratified to learn that Portugal, as we understand it from local sources, a small colony on the west coast of Europe of the famous Azores Islands, has made lobbyist Dennis Cardoza a Grand Officer of the Order of Prince Henry the Navigator. 
We assume that the distinguished Order includes many other promoters of lady mud wrestling and other such diversions for the gentry. -- BLJ

Forgive them

We must forgive them. They don't know how to think. All they know how to do is sell. They think that if they connive with the Valley cities to build clumps of little condos all over town, that somehow the "empty nesters" they are targeting will miraculously get credit from banks to buy them. Or, do they know that isn't likely to happen so they are building the little condos for "empty nester investors" to buy and rent to empty nesters? Isn't it investors that are buying the few foreclosed homes the banks are letting go on the market?