January 2012

A Review of Frank Bardacke's Trampling out the Vintage: Cesar Chavez and the Two Souls of the United Farm Workers.

I left Yuma AZ one cool, spring morning in 1993 after listening to a local newspaperwoman describe the scene surrounding the Bruce Church v. United Farm Workers trial during which Cesar Chavez died. On my way out I stopped by the town's great historical site, the Yuma Territorial Penitentiary, and did my penance to the history we all live on this harsh and painful border before a mug shot of Ricardo Flores Magon, father of the Mexican Revolution and one-time inmate.

D-D-D-Duh-Dry December Drives Drums of Drought

Merced Sun-Star
Dry January raises concern over drought in northern California…Matt Weiser
The dreaded D-word – "drought" – is back on the tongues of many Californians now that a dry December has crawled into a dry January.

Anxieties of Kron the Investor

At last, the efficiencies of the free market system are being appliedpublically, openly and thoroughly to water, leaving only one question of any importance: what will win, capitalism or water?
Badlands Journal editorial board
Water Risk in Supply Chains Draws Investor Scrutiny
By Peter S. Green -

Pimlico Kid just a citizen now

"I don't have a conflict of interest - I'm a citizen who is talking to my old colleagues." -- Rep. Dennis Cqrdoza, Annapolis, Merced, Atwater, etc. Jan. 20, 2012, Sacramento Bee 
Sacramento Bee
Rep. Dennis Cardoza enters online gambling fray in Sacramento…Torey Van Oot, Capitol Alert…1-20-12

"...it ain't."

"I know what you're thinking about," said Tweedledum; "but it isn't so, nohow."
"Contrariwise," continued Tweedledee, "if it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn't, it ain't.
That's logic." -- Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking-Glass

 We found it necessary to consult this primary text in logic to attempt to "parse" (even to robustly and proactively parse") the following statement from the desk of our very own White Queen, Dianne Feinstein, senior US Senator for California:

The immoral, idiotic obscenity just keeps going on

Mayor Stan Thurston, who heard about the report from his aviation business partner, agreed it's difficult to find a job in Merced. He said there are jobs available, but people don't have the right training. As an example, he pointed to the high number of agriculture-based jobs in the county with few people qualified to work them.