July 2011

Blame somebody ... anybody ... blame the flak corp

Quentin Kopp, a durable dope in California politics for at least four decades, apparently led the charge of the state's high-speed rail commission to blame its PR firm for the purblic's accurately dim view of the high-speed rail project, the first leg of which will be built in the only backyard along the route where opposition is unlikely -- the feudal agribusiness baronies south San Joaquin Valley.

State bank update

We post this article by Ellen Brown to respond to a comment from a reader expressing great concern for the whole Western financial system. In this piece, Brown focuses on another pernicious aspect of interest and banking -- why banks are not lending to businesses, particularly small businesses, other banks, and to individuals.

Moonbeam's Ditch

Edmund Gerald "Jerry" Brown Jr."s father, Edmund G. "Pat" Brown, once said to a group of supporters in Plumas County in the far north of the state that the state would take all the water in that region for Southern California. Realizing the gaff, he covered himself by saying he meant that a huge pipeline would be built from Canada to LA instead. Pat Brown was a true believer in dams, aqueducts and the whole panoply of water development for "this Great Big Number One State of Ours," particularly if the infrastructure had his name on it.

Visiting with Isabel

 “Now we’re going to have to start all over again,” Isabel Bravo, retired long-time president of the Placer County CA chapter of National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), told me Monday. She said she’d met last week with the new police chief in her city, Roseville, and he didn’t know anything about NAMI training programs for departments to build “crisis intervention teams” so that police could identify the mentally ill, differentiate them from people either stoned or drunk, disarm them if necessary, and talk them down from “the ozone.”

Letter #1 to UC Merced Chancellor #3, Dorothy Leland, the "Existentialist"

Even though none of the flak about the new UC Merced chancellor, Dorothy Leland, indicated that she knew anything about Merced other than that the finance, insurance and real estate special interest "stakeholders" want a UC Merced medical school, the Badlands Journal editorial board would like to welcome Leland, a scholar of existentialism a great big San Joaquin Valley En soi/Pour soi, wish her -- when fear and trembling strike -- happy rowing on Lake Yosemite with her ether oars, and hope she finds oodles of Socratic Irony out there on the wildlife habitat and former wetlands to ease