January 2009


 1-1-09 Merced Sun-StarMerced to turn to residents for help with ideas for underpassMany want construction to be aesthetically pleasing as well...SCOTT JASONhttp://www.mercedsunstar.com/167/story/618234.htmlMerced leaders on Monday will hire a firm to design the G Street underpass and form a citizen committee to keep the $18 million project from derailing.Fresno-based Biggs Cardosa Associates is set to draw the final plans for the long-awaited project that wil

Selfishness, greed, hypocrisy and political corruption destroy the Delta

12-22-08Merced Sun-Star editorial ...How can we judge if California is taking more water from the delta and its watershed than they can handle?Consider the evidence: Smelt are at the brink of extinction. Other species, such as salmon, are in serious peril. Federal courts are using the hammer of the Endangered Species Act to deliver a blunt message about the entire ecosystem.Dry years, when cities and farms suck more from the delta than they do during more rainy times, are especially tough for these species.


 1-2-09Merced Sun-StarSan Joaquin Valley blueprint: Urban sprawl limits meet resistanceSome decision-makers fear too much density in rural areas...RUSSELL CLEMINGS, The Fresno Beehttp://www.mercedsunstar.com/167/v-print/story/619268.htmlA move to encourage tight limits on urban sprawl in the Valley is meeting resistance from many of the region's political leaders.As it heads toward a decision that could shape Valley growth over the next four decades, t


 1-4-09Modesto BeeIf you want to make decent pay, don't work in northern valley...J.N.


 1-6-09Merced Sun-StarToxic leak upsets Beachwood homeownersResidents say they didn't know about water pollution from chromium 6 spill...JONAH OWEN LAMBhttp://www.mercedsunstar.com/167/v-print/story/624081.htmlWhen Debra Fenner and her husband bought their Beachwood-area home in the Summit Meadows development in September, there were some things they didn't know.

The University of California: overbuilt, underfunded, and a reckless investor

1-6-09Modesto BeeLowering UC's standards has several costs...Doug Ose. Ose, of Granite Bay, is a developer who served three terms in Congress. http://www.modbee.com/opinion/community/v-print/story/553747.htmlEditor's note: This article was submitted in response to The Bee's editorial "Changes in UC admissions should improve process" (Jan. 2, Page A-1).Recently the University of California Board of Regents considered a proposal to lower admission standards for incoming freshman.