October 2008


 10-1-08Merced Sun-StarMerced irrigation season ends early again'Everyone needs to pray for rain,' says district official...CAROL REITERhttp://www.mercedsunstar.com/167/story/477892.htmlAfter a season that saw growers get less irrigation water than normal, the Merced Irrigation District wrapped up regular water deliveries Tuesday.Because of the drought that has gripped the state, MID started the irrigation season on March 24, a bit later than growers were hopi

Letter to Rep. John P. Sarbanes, D-Maryland

Dear Congressman Sarbanes,We are writing from Merced, CA, one of three top foreclosure-rate counties in the nation. Our congressman, Dennis Cardoza, Shrimp Slayer, now resides in the 3rd Congressional District of Maryland, which you represent. Therefore, since you represent our congressman, we are petitioning you to help with our foreclosure-rate problem. The Ol' Shrimp Slayer does not seem up to the task, although he boasts to us of being a very Important Man in Washington, on the Rules Committee and chair of a subcommittee of the Agriculture Committee dealing with fruits and nuts.

US Fish and Wildlife extends range of Red-legged frog critical habitat

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Sacramento Fish & Wildlife Office
Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes 300% Increase in California Red-legged Frog Critical Habitat
Comment period opens for proposal based on entirely new analysis
Contacts:  Al Donner, (916) 414-6566...al_donner@fws.gov... News Release

Dorthy Fadiman's film, "Stealing America: vote by vote"

Check it out! - editors
The film STEALING AMERICA: Vote by Vote
by OSCAR-nominated, EMMY-winning
filmmaker Dorothy Fadiman,
($5 a copy/$50 a dozen)

Narrated by Peter Coyote, STEALING AMERICA presents a gripping narrative about our current electoral crisis in America.  The facts are compelling and meticulously accurate. (See quotes from the media below.) The film, which reveals the vulnerability of our democracy, ends with a call to action.

Hurricane Gustav: collateral damage

 NEW ORLEANS -- Returning to the apartment after Hurricane Gustav feels like watching a clip of an Alfred Hitchcock movie. The air, the stillness and the stark definitions of form make everything almost appear to be black and white. Eerie. There are no people in sight. A car passes every 15-20 minutes. While the city has been abandoned, nature has been quick to re-gain a foothold. I have been gone seven days and the once familiar surroundings resonate with something akin to treachery. Do I need a passport in this alien landscape?


 10-2-08Merced Sun-StarPublic NoticeNotice of Hearing by LAFCo...Planada Community Service District Sphere of Influence Amendment LAFCO SOI File No. 1055C - and Planada Community Service District Annexation No. 2008-1 LAFCO File No. 0645http://www.legalnotice.org/pl/mercedsun-star/ShowNotice.aspxNOTICE OF HEARING by Local Agency Formation Commission of Merced A public hearing will be held for consideration of the Planada Community Service District Sphere of Influence Amendment LAFCO SOI File No.

American manufacturing view of bailout

I have been reading Richard McCormack and his Manufacturing and Technology New for several years to continue my education in what has happened in manufacturing cities like the steel town I lived in for a few years once. McCormack has always been the soul of solid journalism, passionate about manufacturing but factual to a fault. In this article, he puts the case bluntly for manufacturers -- managers and workers -- against these finance, insurance and real estate whining crybabies, in terms of character and in terms of the creation of wealth.


 10-3-08 Merced Sun-StarForeclosure Crisis: Lawmakers say Merced was shortchanged...MICHAEL DOYLE, Sun-Star Washington Bureauhttp://www.mercedsunstar.com/167/story/481440.htmlWASHINGTON -- California lawmakers say the Bush administration shortchanged Merced in a new foreclosed-housing grant program.But Department of Housing and Urban Development officials say they are simply being efficient and playing by the rules Congress set.Now, the two sides are figuring out who gets the


 10-4-08Merced Sun-StarHow valley home data compares nationallyNearly 1 in 5 Merced County homes were built after 2000...J.N. SBRANTI, The Modesto Beehttp://www.mercedsunstar.com/167/story/482023.htmlForget falling home values for a moment and let's look instead at housing from a different perspective.That's what the U.S.


 10-5-08Modesto BeeDan Walters: Will state now shift to vertical growth?http://www.modbee.com/opinion/state/dan_walters/story/452521.htmlAs California's population and economy expanded dramatically during the mid- and late 20th century, it did so with a unique development pattern.California grew out, not up, and its expansive model – seemingly endless suburbs of single-family homes connected by freeways, another California innovation – was later adopted by other