German resistance grows to Sgt. Scholz's decision to send heavy equipment to Ukraine

Germany, in this humble opinion, is the one to watch as the war continues. Why? Because Germans cannot afford to remain unconscious about consequences. Even though most of that heavy military equipment, if it works at all, will probably be peddled off to other theaters of war by the incredibly corrupt Ukraine regime, this decision doesn’t look good and Germans know it. Not only is this war affecting its energy supplies, it is threatening German lives.
It was, after all, the Soviet Union’s decision to reunify Germany in return for not expanding NATO is at the bottom of this whole conflict. Or, to put it more simply, US/NATO bad faith. It is that simple and that frightening. – wmh


Irish Times
Germany bitterly divided over heavy arms deliveries to Ukraine
Pacifists, philosophers and media are all weighing in on Berlin’s policy shift
Derek Scally in Berlin

Germany bitterly divided over heavy arms deliveries to Ukraine (
German chancellor Olaf Scholz has insisted Berlin will help Ukraine “defend itself” and dismissed criticism of arms deliveries to Kyiv as “cynical”.
His policy shift last week to provide heavy arms to Ukraine in its war with Russia has divided German public opinion, with loud and emotional arguments offered for and against further heavy arms deliveries.
Leading the critical camp is feminist campaigner Alice Schwarzer who, in an open letter co-signed by 27 other German actors, artists and intellectuals, urged the Scholz administration to do “everything it can to reach a ceasefire” in Ukraine and “a compromise that both sides can accept”.
“The delivery of large quantities of heavy weapons could make Germany itself a party to the war, and a Russian counterattack could then trigger the case for assistance under the Nato treaty and with it the immediate danger of a world war,” they added.
The pacifist letter has been co-signed by 163,000 people online.
One added his name “because finally someone has the courage to oppose the arms shipments. Everything must be done to end the conflict peacefully!”
Another wrote: “Let’s break free from the yoke of the USA, the aggressive politics of Nato and let’s start being a self-determined nation, which should never cross this red line again!”