May 2022

German resistance grows to Sgt. Scholz's decision to send heavy equipment to Ukraine

Germany, in this humble opinion, is the one to watch as the war continues. Why? Because Germans cannot afford to remain unconscious about consequences. Even though most of that heavy military equipment, if it works at all, will probably be peddled off to other theaters of war by the incredibly corrupt Ukraine regime, this decision doesn’t look good and Germans know it. Not only is this war affecting its energy supplies, it is threatening German lives.

Monopoly meat

A customer who handles the Amish farmer’s website and other modern communications concurred with him, saying:

“The USDA processing plants require the meat to be treated with a chemical cocktail of citric acid, lactic acid and peracetic acid. The peracetic acid is toxic, and the citric and lactic [acids] are GMO.”

Anke, another customer of Miller, pointed out that the lactic acid used to preserve meat is not a natural version.

Unions returning to the workplace

The ghost of the Gipper seems to have shut up. -- blj


Thom Hartmann Reprot

Is "Democracy in the Workplace" Having a Moment?
Predatory industries — making millions by helping billionaires squeeze pennies out of working class people — are a tragic indicator of our having reached what I call “the cancer stage of capitalism”

Thom Hartmann

The other story of the Ukraine war

The Mossad attributes Israel’s economic miracle in creating an equivalent of Silicon Valley to a base of a million Russian immigrants. This Israeli Silicon Valley happens to be a key asset of the American MICIMATT (military-industrial-congressional-intelligence-media-academia-think tank complex), as indelibly named by Ray McGovern. -- Escobar, May 6, 2022, Strategic Culture Foundation


Strategic Culture Foundation
Megalopolis x Russia: Total War

Pepe Escobar

"Dead pool" threat at lakes Mead and Powell after 22-year drought on Colorado Plateau



The Conversation

Climate Crisis: Hoover Dam’s Lake Mead, Water and Electricity Source for West, May become a Dead Pool

By Robert Glennon, University of Arizona 

Journalists reporting on the status and future of the Colorado River are increasingly using the phrase “dead pool.” It sounds ominous. And it is.

USGS measures aquifer compaction

US Geological Survey
USGS Scientists Explain How Aquifer Compaction is Measured
By California Water Science Center
California Water Science Center
A recent tour of California’s Central Valley given by the nonprofit organization Water Education Foundation included a stop at the USGS California Water Science Center’s extensometer near Porterville.

Nuland: Principal architect of the Ukrainian Civil War

Ordinarily, we wouldn't post an article this old about a major player in a war, but because there is no sense of history or context in what most of our media is telling us, or else another concealed historical motive is the guide,  this well researched and written article is as timely as ever, perhaps more timely. -- bl

Turlock Irrigation District to cover canals with solar panels

Bravo Turlock, a positive attempt to cope with global warming. Curiously missing from the story is any mention of University of California, Merced. But, speak Memory: the first chancellor of that institution, known locally as the Cowgirl Chancellor for her blue-and-gold cowgirl boots, never failed to correct herself and others 20 years ago, imperially insisting that global warming was to be called "climate change" and "climate change" only. UC Merced probably doesn't want to be associated with any project that admits global warming exists.

The unpotable San Luis Reservoir

The San Luis Reservoir provides drinking water for the Santa Clara Valley, parts of the San Joaquin Valley and much of Southern California. It's just something the state Department of Water Resources forgot to mention in its press release. Ordinarily, it would also provide much irrigation water for agriculture but that has been largely curtailed this year due to  drought-- blj

May 31, 2022

Maggie Macias, Information Officer, Department of Water Resources