Gangle's Angle #13: Man-in-the-street, San Francisco

For your entertainment only
Gangle SF's strolling correspondent, Aloysius X. Beebe (Trinity College (PhD, 2012), tweeted this interview summary into Gangle Universal Media HQ:
Met a distinguished attorney-at-law, sporting a beautiful lilac fedora, outside the Federal Building this afternoon. Asked him if he wouldn't mind being a man-on-the-street. He said, Well, I am a man and this is a street. What to do want? What do you think of the Trump administration, I asked. Wasn't that the stupid question you ordered me to ask a man-on-the-street, AJ?  Whether that was the question or it was some other stupid question you told me to ask some man-in-the-street, that is the one I asked and he said that, in his opinion, that as a course in the Criminal Law, the Trump administration was first-rate.
PS: The wind down there blew off his hat and it was snatched up by a man-of-the-street. --Al
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A.J. Gangle, editor and publisher