Virus note: September 11, 2020 -- Western Europe comparison

MERCED (BLJ) – The Merced County Public Health Department on September 11 reported that 127 corona virus patients who were residents of the County had died (an increase of two in the last couple of days). The County is reporting a 5.8 percent for the last seven days, which has dropped the overall average to 17.57 percent on a total number of tests of 49,346. The number of tests amounts to 59 percent of the population of the City of Merced, 18 percent of the County population.

California reported 14,265 deaths, an increase of 171.

The United States reported 195.958 deaths, a increase of 941.

Italy reported 35,767 deaths, an increase of 180.

Germany reported 9,423 deaths, an increase of 8 for the day.

France reported 30,893 deaths, an increase of 80.

The United Kingdom reported 41,614 deaths, an increase of 8.

Eire reported 1,781 deaths, in information on the daily increase.

The global count for the day was 915,602 deaths, and increase of 5,923.