Greek Orthodox Archbishop Chrisodoulos warns Israel

Last update - 23:50 23/07/2006

U.K. minister warns Israel of consequences of IDF assault

By The Associated Press

... Greek Orthodox Church warns Israel: 'Fear God's wrath'

The leader of Greece's Orthodox Church, Archbishop Christodoulos, accused Israel on Sunday of "sacrificing innocent civilians" in its bombardment of Lebanon.

"Israel's actions within its right to self defense have long exceeded any rational limit," Christodoulos said on Sunday.

"[They are] sacrificing innocent civilians by the hundreds, and creating refugees by the thousands," he added, telling the Israeli authorities, "Do not provoke our consciences. Do not feed the world condemnation against you. It is not in your interest...Fear God's wrath."

The church has played a lead role in sheltering Greek evacuees from Lebanon who have no home or close relatives in Greece.

Greece's Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis also repeated her criticism of the Israeli attacks.

"The developments in the Middle East are the epitome of senselessness," Bakoyannis wrote in an article published in Sunday's Eleftherotypia newspaper.

"Children are being killed, families torn apart, towns are being destroyed and the infrastructure of a country razed," she wrote. "It's the civilian population that is being attacked in both countries - Lebanon and Israel."

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Israel Targets Milk, Medicine Factories
Hizbullah Kills One in Nahariyah

Israeli troops invaded Lebanon again early Wednesday morning, on what Israeli spokesmen called a limited search and destroy mission.

Hizbullah sent more rockets on northern Israel, killing one person at Nahariyah.

The death toll late Tuesday stood at 235 people killed in Lebanon and 25 in Israeli. About half of the Israeli deaths were military personnel. Only a handful of the Lebanese deaths have been military, and only a fraction of those have been Hizbullah fighters. In fact, have even ten Hizbullah guerrillas been killed by the Israelis since this fight began? They say it is a fight with Hizbullah. But then they bomb Greek Orthodox churches and milk factories far from Shiite areas. Hmmmm.