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Michael McFaul
Please don't give Putin propagandists a platform on your media platforms. There is a time and place for hearing two sides of an issue. This tragic moment in European history is not one of them. Do not give false equivalency to voices of evil and voices of good.
4:46 AM · Feb 24, 2022·Twitter Web App

Troglodytes of their echoing caves and victims

Breakaway Ukrainian regions order mobilization
The head of the Donetsk People’s Republic has called on all able-bodied men to stand up to “Kiev’s aggression”
A soldier of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic on the frontline in eastern Ukraine, February 15, 2022. © Sergey Averin/Sputnik
Russia Times
Breakaway Ukrainian regions order mobilization — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

Substance and thought on the Ukraine

The article below has rationally organized facts gained from years of study and experience in Russia. They are an anecdote to the tissue of lies our government is feeding us. You';ll have to excuse it: it's currently in the hands of a feeble unpopular Democratic Party, greedier for wealth today and enough votes tomorrow to hang onto their privilege and their pork barrels than it could ever be for a decent reputation in the world. -- wmh


Asia Times

The road from the fog of bullshit to the fog of war

Our government has orchestrated a "story" about the Ukraine, Russia and NATO that is missing so many details that would give it even a whiff of reality that we are actually being clobbered hourly by lies in the service of warmongers in Washington trying to make their insanity history instead of stark ravings in an echo chamber that is effectively walled off from the American people by greed for money, power, and the blood of other peoples' children. -- Bill Hatch

Another German step toward energy independence

A means of at least partial  escape --step by step -- from being caught between the American oil industry's liquid natural gas and Russian natural gas piped under the Baltic Sea, -- blj

German State Plans Hundreds of Artificial Energy Islands to Deploy North Sea Wind
By Jessica Bateman | –

The northernmost German state of Schleswig-Holstein has announced it wants to help push forward the energy transition by building artificial power islands in the North Sea, newspaper Die Zeit reported.

Mexico continues to be most dangerous for journalists


Besides being targeted for assassination, journalists also regularly suffer assaults and threats. Many have fled for their lives to other parts of Mexico or abroad.
Few of those behind the violence ever face justice. More than 95% of crimes against journalists in Mexico go unpunished, according to the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists. The relatively few jailed are often low-level triggermen, not the masterminds who ordered the slaying of journalists.