Virus notes: April 4-5, 2020

The Merced County Public Health Department reports that as of Friday, April 3, there were 19 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Merced County, three patients have recovered, and there are as yet no deaths from the virus in the county. The figures are broken down according to several categories that must make sense to Dr. Scarf in the White House, in constant search for granularity, but make no difference to members of the Merced County public, particularly those in high risk groups.

First spring run Chinook salmon in San Joaquin River in 65 years

This news certainly deserved more than it received in this rewrite of a Bureau of Reclamation press release.  But, the event to which it negligently refers was tremendous and unique, an event which took 18 years in federal court, a fight for funding in Congress that cost one congressman his seat, and may be responsible for the insanity of another still sitting congressman, whose district straddles the Friant-Kern Canal as well as making the San Joaquin River habitable for salmon again.