The Trump Fib Bucket

In olden days (before the younger generation was even conceived), parents used to require their children to put a nickel in the Swear Jar every time they said a naughty word. Childlike men's service organizations used to require a dollar or more per cussword.
Badlands Journal Editorial Board has i\begun a Trump Fib Bucket, diameter to stretch from sea to polluted sea and over all the genetically modified golden grains, and to be as tall as Pike's Peak.
Every time the president tells a lie, he and his supporters must put a nickel in the Trump Fib Bucket. No IOU's, Rooskie rubles, bonds, cotton subsidies, or Twitter messages will be accepted in lieu of the payment of one American nickel.
The Trump Fib Bucket will fill up until its weight threatens the earth's rotation and orbit, whereupon it will empty into Hell and we'll start another Trump Fib Bucket.