Obama, Der Kultur Meister

An old friend and occasional Badlands reader sent a note today on the subject of Barak Obama and faith. The Internet link is included below as is my response.

Obama has a tremendously powerful constituency among the young, first-time voters and youth who have not had anyone to vote for but Tepid Al, Gutless Horseface John Kerry or Bush. If we parents reflect for a moment, what comes to mind is that our children following Pied Piper Obama are terribly attracted to his empty message of Change and We Can All Get Together -- so reminiscent of the worst of the 1960's generation of California spiritual gurus -- because our children have experienced more class warfare within their generation than any generation still alive has experienced. It isn't that the rich daughter is not aware of the poor son serving and murderinging, getting killed or maimed in Iraq. Empirical observation is that people who commit murder realize it and never get over it.

We might say that Obama and the mob behind him are exploiting this yearning for the most cynical motives and that John Edwards sounds the themes straight up ... but who listens to parents? Yet, at a certain point, the parental voice must break out to warn the child against the hopelessly intimidated, pro-Obama, perpetually adolescent professorial voice:

It (a link to Obama videos on religious faith) connects to what I think are several
very thoughtful videos of Obama on the many faiths of Americans,
and Christian faith in his own life....


(A professor of philosophy and religion in an American college)

A parental response:

The only "faith" that pertains as far as Obama is concerned is whether or not he has been well enough trained by the Daly Machine to know his business. And the problem with that is the baggage the comes along with the Daly Machine, principally the role the Chicago Mercantile Exchange will play in a possible Obama presidency. It is well to recall that the basic model for derivatives is commodity-futures trading, which is the basic business of the CME. (CME bills itself as the largest derivative market in the world.) Also, it's well to recall that the point man for selling Congress on NAFTA was Bill Daly, brother of Richard Daly II. The immediately realized advantage of NAFTA to the Midwest was huge increases in corn dumping Mexico, plus whatever Canadian grain gets handled through Chicago. This has led to relentless pressure toward contamination of native seed stock of corn in Mexico by GMO corn and undercutting the price of domestic corn, which has made its contribution to illegal immigration.

Religious faith is a private matter between a person and God. The use of religious faith for political purposes is an obscene manipulation of public desperation that has appeared as a propaganda campaign at exactly the moment when genuine religious faith in America is shattering rather than achieving a New Awakening.

Let the neocons that want Bloomberg to play that card on behalf of imperialist/Zionist/Nutball Rapturite natural slaves willing to sell our liberty for the fantasy that the mandate from Heaven has not been withdrawn from the USA run him for president and rejoice in spreading confusion to the enemy, which, per usual, is us.

The US is in deep shit with the Lord and "Credo quia absurdam" is an idiotic response. To talk Martin Luther King, Jr. without walking with him is pure mythology and very dangerous Kitsch. So-called professors of Humanities that do not begin their instruction with "Hamlet, "Macbeth," Jan Kott's Shakespeare Our Contemporary and Hannah Arendt's The Origins of Totalitarianism commit acts of treason against the Humanities. the nation and our children's souls.

But, hey, acts of treason against the Americam soul are going around among all the right people. We will begin again, and only begin again, when we recognize ourselves as humans in the world who have done incredible harm -- incred[ble as it is we must come to recognize it in exact detail, all the horror our government has visited immorally upon other human beings, the majority totally defenseless. It is a time to listen to the wretched truth Edwards speaks: We are at each others' throats; the people will rise, reestablish justice, or perish. We Americans will take back our government and stop the imperial oppression of other human beings or we will perish.

Barak Obama, at this point with the taste of blood in his mouth, is a pure shill, the bogus entity, a fraud perhaps despite himself.